art rules

Art Rules is a creative production studio which specializes in video and still images. Music and sound design, especially created for you.

We find power and inspiration in classical art and music of all kinds. All while, technological research and discussion inspire us.

Situated in the city of Stockholm.

some of our work:

Night Tale

The lamp swayed back and forth as he made his way down the stairs.
Walking across the field he noticed that the night had the color of Payne's blue gray.


In the city it had started to rain.
Nothing could stop him. He had a goal.


In the apple breeze between the stones,

lies the taste of a secret.

Aging Honeysuckle knows it all.
Why did he hide it there.
Tell me.



Which door is it?

You wanted to see a cabin?


There`s gold and red velvet here. Where are we going. Should I call You.

Tea in the Lomonosov cup. That combination takes us there.


The roadside wild and yellow.

A worn towel in the window. Protects us.

As in a mirror,

every drop reflects the unity of the sea.
Even the smallest will be paramount.

 That's POWER!

Maybe it became light? 


A rich scent fills the barbershop on Sibyllegatan.

Espresso cup, steaming.

Red emblems:

on the barbers pristine chalk-white work coats,

glance in their movements.


As usual it’s a full house.

Years of experience and knowledge, running through hair and beard.

Making new faces appear.


The eyes, want to explore. 

Investigate everything:

cigars in the humidor, photos from Cuba's beaches and city-views.

Private and public.


That's where we are; in Havana, Cuba.

Small talk is accompanied by soft rhythmic salsa.

Everything is cool, breathes knowledge, love and care.

Carri, Cuban-born smiles from her room:

"Care for a glass of rum? To celebrate your fresh look."